Meat Pie

When you want to eat a meat pie but want to keep it healthy, you make a Meat Pie using Buckwheat. This is a healthy meets naughty, hearty meal and you guessed it, it’s dairy free baby! Yas. Anyway enough talk, here’s the recipe.

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Coconut Pancakes

So it was Shrove Tuesday this past Tuesday and on Shrove Tuesday most people eat Pancakes, hence the day is also known as Pancake Tuesday. I love any excuse to eat Pancakes but let me admit, I totally forgot it was Shrove Tuesday and only remembered on Wednesday, so you know what I ate on Wednesday right? Pancakes baby! Here’s the recipe  Continue reading “Coconut Pancakes”

Baked Moin Moin with Unpeeled Blackeye Peas

Yes, you got that right, I made Moin Moin without peeling off the skin of the Blackeye Peas. Before anyone attacks me like they attacked my dear Jamie Oliver when he made his ‘twist’ on Nigerian Jollof Rice, this is my ‘twist’ on Moin Moin Continue reading “Baked Moin Moin with Unpeeled Blackeye Peas”

Shrimp and Farro Stir Fry

Farro is a new favorite item in my pantry. In fact, I made Jollof Farro some weeks back and wanted to try Farro but like a risotto but without the rice, broth, butter or onions (well I used scallions, do they count?) – okay well maybe it was more of a stir fry. Let’s just say I wanted a stir fry meal with the risotto feel, and so I made the Shrimp and Farro Stir Fry Continue reading “Shrimp and Farro Stir Fry”

Baked Moin Moin 

After making Jollof Farro and stating it could be eaten with Moin Moin, guess what, all I wanted to eat was Moin Moin :-). Luckily beans are allowed in the Doctor Oz 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge. Even better, most of the ingredients in this recipe are vegetables.  For those who don’t know, Moin Moin is a Nigerian recipe made of steam grounded beans, fresh peppers and onions. The ground beans, pepper and onion mixture could also be fried to make another Nigerian dish, Akara, which is equally tasty but less healthy.

I have opted for a healthy Moin Moin recipe, so no palm oil :-(. Palm oil usually gives Moin Moin more of a vibrant orange color and a slightly different taste too (I find it’s extra tasty with palm oil). There are also other optional accompaniments that can be added to Moin Moin for example, eggs, fish, shrimps and corned beef. As Beans are allowed for the dinner part of the challenge, it made things easier for me as it meant I could also add crayfish and shrimp powder to my Moin Moin recipe. I also decided not to include whole grains as I figured I was having beans.

Traditionally, Moin Moin is wrapped in leaves and steamed in a pot but I opted for baking so I used muffin pans and foil to cover the Moin Moin, which made the process easier and less messy. Plus, it tastes just as good as the steamed version. You are going to need at least 2½ to 3 hours for this recipe; 1 hour to soak the beans, about 15 to 20 minutes to peel the skin off the beans, 10 minutes to blend, spice and put in baking tins and 45 – 50 minutes for baking. Believe me, it is worth the wait.


1 cup black eye peas (peeled)
1 red bell pepper
1 scotch bonnet / habanero (use half deseeded if you don’t like chili)
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 small yellow onion
1 cup water
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp ground crayfish
1 tsp ground shrimp
2 maggie cubes
¼ tsp sea salt
2 tbsp palm oil (optional)


Put one cup of black eye peas in a bowl with hot water and cover this. I do this because I often suffer from heartburn whenever I eat beans but find this stops the heartburn. Peel and remove all the skin off the beans.

Preheat oven to 350F so it is ready for us by the time you finish blending and mixing ingredients.

In a blender add peeled beans, bell pepper, scotch bonnet, tomato paste, onion and water, blend until mixture has a melted ice cream consistency. Pour ground mixture into a bowl and add oil, crayfish, shrimp, crushed maggie cubes and salt.

Mix well before pouring into muffin tins. This makes about 12 small – medium muffin holes. So make sure you have enough muffin / cupcake pans. Cover the muffin pans with foil and bake in the oven for 40 to 50 minutes or until completely cooked. How do you know when the Moin Moin is baked? Well, it’s just like baking a cake, if you put a knife through it, the knife should come out dry without any liquid.

I had my Moin Moin with Smoked Paprika Chicken, Asparagus and Green Beans.

Jollof Farro

The Dr Oz 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge has opened my eyes to some ingredients I have never used before and since they are all healthy options, I was very excited to try them using new and existing recipes. I grew up eating mostly Nigerian food; you see I was born in Nigeria, moved to the UK when I was a teenager and then to the States when I got married. Farro is a completely new addition to my pantry. I can’t remember coming across farro in Nigeria and even when I moved to the UK, it wasn’t popular among the community of people I knew or places I visited. Which brings me to my recipe :-). One of my favorite food is Jollof Rice, a dish I have eaten almost every other week since I was a child, so I decided to make Jollof Rice using farro instead of rice so I guess I could call it, Jollof Farro.

For those of you who don’t know, Jollof Rice is a West African dish, it is basically rice cooked in red tomato stew (I can hear some West Africans going sacrilege…just rice cooked in stew! lol). Now, I am not even going to go down the road of where Jollof Rice originated from (Gambia, Wolof, Jolof, hello??? 🙂 ). Believe me, this can be a fierce debate amongst West Africans, don’t even start on which country does it best…all I will say is that there are many ways of making Jollof Rice in West Africa and it is a party favorite.

So here’s my Jollof Farro for the 28 day challenge, which we will be having for dinner :-). It takes about 1hr 30mins to prepare this dish. I have reduced the amount of cooking oil normally used when cooking this dish and gone with olive oil for a healthy option. My husband and I really enjoyed the Jollof Farro and have agreed we will be eating it again after the 28-Day Challenge.

Ingredients, Serves 4

8oz Farro
14.5oz Peeled Whole Canned Tomatoes or 6 to 8 Medium Tomatoes
1 Red Bell Pepper
3 tbsp Tomato Paste
1 Small Scotch Bonnet Pepper (half pepper deseeded for those who don’t like it hot/spicy)
1 Small Yellow Onion
1 Knorr Cube (two cubes within)
½ tsp Sea salt
½ tsp Thyme
¼ tsp Curry
5 tbsp Olive Oil


In a blender, add tomatoes, bell pepper, scotch bonnet and onion and blend until smooth. Next, empty the blended contents into a medium sauce pan over low heat. Allow the mixture to boil down to remove the excess water; this will take about 30-45 minutes (tip – cover the pan and don’t turn the stew to until all the water is gone to avoid the stew splashing which could burn the skin).

Once the water content is gone add about five tablespoons of olive oil, knorr cube, sea salt, thyme, curry and tomato paste. Allow to fry for about 10-15 minutes.

Add the farro into the saucepan with the tomato stew. Add a cup of water to the saucepan and increase the heat to high; once Jollof Farro starts to boil, bring the heat back down to low and allow to cook for 35 minutes or until the farro is tender.

Serve with Broccoli, Coleslaw or Garden Salad and if you want the Nigerian feel, serve with Moin Moin or Plantains with Chicken, Meat or Fish…Enjoy

Avocado Deviled Egg

I made deviled eggs for the first time and really liked it. I’m sure this is not the main way of making it but seeing as I’m on the Dr Oz 28-day shrink your stomach challenge I decided to try this as seen on the Dr Oz show Continue reading “Avocado Deviled Egg”

Grilled Okra Tomatoes and Pineapple

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Baked Chicken and Vegetables

Who doesn’t like to make an effortless meal? One you can just throw the ingredients together in the oven and forget about until it’s ready. This Baked Chicken and Vegetables requires minimum effort. It’s so simple Continue reading “Baked Chicken and Vegetables”

Avocado Omelette

I have been eating 1/2 an avocado with bread, egg or as part of a smoothie for the past 7 days and will be eating it for another 21 days as part of the 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge. As such, I have quickly come to learn that avocados can be very versatile Continue reading “Avocado Omelette”