Berry Crisp

A Berry Crisp is perfect anytime of the year. They are so easy to make and so delicious. My recipe is a slightly healthier version of the basic Berry Crisp recipe. I have opted for more oats and reduced the white flour as well as the sugar content. My Berry Crisp is also vegan and is a perfect dessert addition to any meal.¬† Continue reading “Berry Crisp”


Coconut Pancakes

So it was Shrove Tuesday this past Tuesday and on Shrove Tuesday most people eat Pancakes, hence the day is also known as Pancake Tuesday. I love any excuse to eat Pancakes but let me admit, I totally forgot it was Shrove Tuesday and only remembered on Wednesday, so you know what I ate on Wednesday right? Pancakes baby! Here’s the recipe¬† Continue reading “Coconut Pancakes”