Ranch Sauce

I was planning to make Buffalo Cauliflower but couldn’t find any Dairy Free or Vegan Ranch Sauce to go with it. My son, JT is allergic to milk protein and since I’m still breastfeeding him, dairy is a no go area for me. Furthermore, after cutting out all dairy from my food, I have been feeling much better and so I decided to stay dairy free. Needless to say, as I couldn’t find any Dairy Free Ranch Sauce I decided to make my own which also happens to be Vegan. Continue reading “Ranch Sauce”


Buffalo Cauliflower

“We’re supporting the Eagles.” my husband, Baba says to me out of nowhere. Quickly, I put two and two together and remember the Super Bowl is this Sunday, which means he wants me to watch the game with him. Hmm, so I’m not into sports but I do enjoy watching anything with my husband, I like that he includes me in his hobbies. Anyway, I like seeing the new adverts aired during the game and maybe the half-time entertainment too. Seeing as I am going to be watching the Super Bowl, I decided to put together some snacks. How about some Buffalo Cauliflower! Continue reading “Buffalo Cauliflower”

Coconut Pancakes

So it was Shrove Tuesday this past Tuesday and on Shrove Tuesday most people eat Pancakes, hence the day is also known as Pancake Tuesday. I love any excuse to eat Pancakes but let me admit, I totally forgot it was Shrove Tuesday and only remembered on Wednesday, so you know what I ate on Wednesday right? Pancakes baby! Here’s the recipeĀ  Continue reading “Coconut Pancakes”